Ultra Heavy Duty Trailer Cargo Green Skip Nets - 3mm Thick

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Ultra Heavy Duty Green Skip Nets 3mm Thick Trailer Cargo Nets

These Ultra Heavy Duty Skip Nets from our strongest and best industrial-grade netting yet!

These extremely versatile industrial nets are perfect for securing your valuable loads and cargo on trucks, lorries, trailers, and vans, or for securing the contents of skips.

Weatherproof and made from the hardest-wearing knotted twine netting, these ultra heavy duty nets are ideal for garden or commercial environments.

- Ultra Heavy Duty Skip/Cargo/Trailer Nets made from 3mm knotted twine with a 48mm mesh

- Choose your size: 8ft x 5ft, 12ft x 8ft, 15ft x 9ft, 18ft x 12ft and 24ft x 12ft

- Includes tie cords to securely hold the net in place over your cargo or waste

- 1 year warranty included but we know from many happy customers that these skip nets will last for much longer

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