Traditional Rotproof Hessian Sandbags 10Pcs

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Traditional Rotproof Hessian Sandbags 10Pcs
Rotproof Hessian Sandbags are traditionally used to assist in the prevention of flooding, and can be used with tarpaulins to help waterproof and seal sandbag barriers.

Hessian sandbags are fabricated from jute, which as a natural plant product is fully biodegradable. Our Rotproofed version has been treated and will last longer in inclement weather conditions.
Each sandbag is supplied empty, complete with attached string to seal the open end once the bag has been filled.

Sandbags can also be used to weight items down, including tarpaulins. Express Rotproof Hessian Sandbags are 76cm x 33cm, and are a dark green in colour.

Once filled, each sandbag can comfortably hold 15kg. It is recommended not to overfill sandbags; to fill to two-thirds is considered sufficient in order to mould the bag to a doorway or stack atop other sandbags.

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