Tarpaulin Waterproof Heavy Duty 180g/m² Tarp Sheet Cover with Eyelets PE For Garden Furniture Hutch Trampoline Wood Car Camping or Gardening White

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Tarpaulin Waterproof Heavy Duty 180g/m² Tarp Sheet Cover with Eyelets PE For Garden Furniture Hutch Trampoline Wood Car Camping or Gardening White
This tarp is made from 180gsm new PE material, which is waterproof, tear resistant and weatherproof. The waterproof cover for outdoors can be used for years to protect your properties from rain, snow, wind, dust or strong sunlight
Besides the thick material, the tarp is designed with hems and reinforced with PP strings inside. It is also equipped with rustproof eyelets every 50cm, of which the eyelets at each corner are enhanced again by triangular plates, which not only prolongs its service life, but also makes it easy to fasten
This heavy duty tarp is resistant to UV, rain and wind, ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It can protect your cars, trailers, boats, shelters, agricultural materials, logs, furniture, swimming pools, etc. from moisture and dust and is also great to be used as a groundsheet for tents
Thanks to the eyelets, the protective tarpaulin can be easily fastened to wherever in need. You can wash, air dry and fold it for storage when not in use, which will not take much space
protective sheets are available in various sizes: 2x3m/ 3x4m/ 3x5m/ 3x6m/ 4x5m and colours: white/ grey/ grey and black (double sides) to meet your different needs

Made from high-quality PE materials and ideal for covering and protecting wood, cars, motorcycles, boats, swimming pool, etc., so that it should be protected against moisture, dirt and weather.

Due to the high-quality materials, the tarpaulins can withstand all weather conditions. Extreme sunlight as well as wind, frost and hail do not affect the material.

What is recovery materials?
Recovery materials are materials after the reprocessing of old materials in production or waste materials after use.
What is the difference between the new materials and recovery materials?
1.The products from recovery are translucent without impurities, whose colours are also very bright, in contrast, the colours of products from recovery are very dim and matt.
2. Extraction smell. Very biting when they are not recovery.
3. The products made of new material are tear-resistant and durable, have strong resilience and durability. But the recovery products are fragile and very easily damaged, have only short life.

Specifications of  tarpaulin waterproof for garden
Technical data:
material: Polyethylene woven fabric material (PE) genuine new durable and long-lasting. Not recovery or recovery + new mix fragil and for short life.
Weight: 180 g/m2 and 280 g/m2
Metal eyelets at a distance of 50 cm.
Installation & Maintenance Notes:

1. Please do not excessively tighten the fixing rope during installation to prevent deformation of the product.
2. If wrinkles appear due to improper storing, tension the tarp and leave it hanging in the sun for a period of time to reduce the wrinkles.
3. Please keep the product away from sharp objects and place it in a dry place when not in use.

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