Magnetic Ratchet Strap Application Aid

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Introducing our innovative Magnetic Attachment, designed to streamline the loading process for lorries and eliminate the hassle of wire claw hooks dropping off during tensioning. Here's why our Magnetic Attachment is a game-changer for lorry drivers:

  • Efficient Loading: Our Magnetic Attachment is specifically engineered to expedite the loading process for lorries. By preventing the wire claw hook from dislodging while the driver tensions up the straps, it minimizes unnecessary delays and maximizes efficiency.

  • Eliminates Extra Work: Say goodbye to the frustration of wire claw hooks dropping off and creating extra work for drivers. Our Magnetic Attachment ensures that the hook stays securely attached to the rave of the vehicle, eliminating the need for drivers to repeatedly reattach the strap.

  • Strong Magnet: The Magnet boasts a strong magnetic force capable of holding up to 2.6kg, providing ample strength to keep your strap in place during tensioning. This robust magnetic hold ensures reliable performance and peace of mind for drivers.

  • Versatile Compatibility: The Magnetic Attachment seamlessly attaches to any of our 50mm ratchet straps equipped with the wire claw hook attachment, offering universal compatibility and ease of use.

  • Proven Time-Saver: Our Magnetic Attachment has been proven to save valuable hours for lorry drivers, streamlining the loading process and optimizing productivity.

  • Width of Webbing: With a webbing width of 50mm, our Magnetic Attachment is perfectly suited for use with standard ratchet straps, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

Upgrade your lorry loading process with our Magnetic Attachment and experience the efficiency and convenience it brings to your operations. Say goodbye to dropped wire claw hooks and wasted time, and hello to streamlined loading and increased productivity.

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