Pack of 2 Tarpaulin Adhesive Tape Outdoor Awning Repair Tape

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Pack of 2 Tarpaulin Adhesive Tape Outdoor Awning Repair Tape
The tent repair tape is widely used for repairing tents, push-pull tarpaulin, truck tarpaulin, swimming pools, and so on.

What will I get?
Color: Blue
Material: Polyethylene
Length: 5.5 Yards/5m
Width: 3 Inch/78mm
0.2mm thickness
In the package of: 2pcs x Tent Repair Tape

Are there any advantages of the product?
The tent repair tape adopts polyethylene material, which is durable and wear-resistant. It can seal the hole perfectly.
There are four highlights: strong adhesion, stretch resistance is not easy to break, waterproof, wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of tarpaulin repair.
The tent repair tape can be freely cut into a suitable shape according to the practical situation.

How to use it?
1, Clean the repaired area to a dust-free and dry state.
2, Cut the appropriate length of tape and stick it to the repaired place.
3, Press the sticking place hard for 2-3 minutes to fully bond the tape.
4, The repaired tarp is durable, waterproof.

What should I notice?
Please Make sure that the surface is clean and dry before use.

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