Motorcycle Recovery Strap with Flat Snap Hooks for Secure Transport

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Our Motorcycle Recovery Strap with Flat Snap Hooks – a secure and versatile solution designed for the safe transport of motorcycles. This 35mm-wide strap is carefully crafted with user convenience and motorcycle protection in mind, ensuring a reliable and efficient recovery and transportation experience.

Key Features:

  1. 35mm-Wide Strap: The recovery strap features a 35mm width, providing substantial strength and surface area for secure and stable motorcycle recovery. This width is tailored to accommodate the unique needs of motorcycle transportation.

  2. Two Soft Loops: Both ends of the strap are equipped with soft loops, designed to easily fit over handlebars or other secure attachment points on the motorcycle. The soft loops ensure a gentle yet secure connection, preventing any damage to the handlebars during recovery.

  3. Fleece Protection Sleeve: The strap includes a fleece protection sleeve, strategically placed to ensure the fuel tank is protected from any marking or abrasion during transportation. This added feature enhances the overall care and safety of the motorcycle during the recovery process.

  4. Two 35mm Ratchet Buckles: The strap comes with two 35mm ratchet buckles, providing a convenient and secure method for tensioning the strap. The ratchet buckles allow for precise and controlled tensioning, ensuring a tight hold on the motorcycle during transport.

  5. Flat Snap Hooks: The flat snap hooks included in the strap design offer a quick and secure attachment to anchor points on recovery vehicles or trailers. These flat snap hooks provide a strong and reliable connection, contributing to the overall safety of the motorcycle during transportation.

  6. 4 Metres in Length: The entire strap is 4 metres in length, offering sufficient reach for versatile applications. This length allows for secure attachment to both the motorcycle and the recovery vehicle or trailer.

  7. Minimum Breaking Strength of 2000daN: Engineered for strength and durability, this recovery strap boasts a minimum breaking strength of 2000daN. This robust construction ensures the strap can withstand substantial forces encountered during motorcycle recovery.

  8. Lashing Capacity of 1000daN: The strap offers a lashing capacity of 1000daN, providing a secure and efficient restraint for the motorcycle during transport.

Our Motorcycle Recovery Strap with Flat Snap Hooks is the ideal solution for motorcycle enthusiasts or professional towing services. Designed with care and precision, this strap ensures a secure, convenient, and damage-free transportation experience for your valuable motorcycle. Invest in the peace of mind that comes with a purpose-built Motorcycle Recovery Strap, tailored to meet the unique needs of motorcycle recovery and transport scenarios.

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