Heavy Duty White Waterproof Woven Tarpaulin 260g/m²

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Heavy Duty White Waterproof Woven Tarpaulin 260g/m²
Rip-proof cover made from 3 layers of tarpaulin fabric.
Top and bottom water-repellent.
Rust-proof eyelets on the corners and spaced 50 cm.
Features rope stitched in the hem for increased stability and tensile strength.
Versatile and available in various sizes.

Protect your garden furniture, wood, car or boat from rain, sun and dirt.

The professional tarpaulin meets the highest standards. The tarpaulin consists of several layers of extra tightly woven and UV-resistant tarpaulin. The top and bottom are water-repellent, so that rain can bead and drain off on it.

There are eyelets on the corners and at a distance of 100 cm each for attaching the tarpaulin. These are made of rust-proof metal and are particularly stable. The edges are reinforced with a rope sewn into the hem so that the tensile forces created when tensioning the tarpaulin are optimally distributed. All four corners of the tarpaulin are additionally reinforced with plastic, which further improves stability and thus increases the life of the tarpaulin.

Detailed product description:
Material: PE tarpaulin, 3 layers, aluminium
Surface weight: 240 g/m²
Surface: water-repellent.
Colour: olive green/blue or white.
Eyelet spacing: 100 cm
Edges: sealed and reinforced with PE rope
UVand weather-resistant.
Available sizes (approx. 1.5 x 6 m, 2 x 3 m, 3 x 4 m, 3 x 5 m, 4 x 6 m, 6 x 8 m, 6 x 10 m, 8 x 12 m

Please note that the sizes given are approx. details. There may be size deviations of up to +/5% due to production.

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