Green 90gsm Pallet Covers Euro Pallet Size

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Green 90gsm Pallet Covers Euro Pallet Size
90gsm Fitted Reusable Pallets Cover. Weatherproof Green Pallet Covers in Medium Weight Tarpaulins

Keep the contents of your pallet protected from bad weather and dirty environments. Also great for helping to secure loads or keeping pallet contents concealed from prying eyes. Available in standard UK pallet size (1000mm x 1200mm) and Euro pallet size (800mm x 1200mm), we supply 3 different height options for ultimate flexibility according to your application.

These pallet covers are 100% weatherproof and are fabricated from durable Techpaulin, which is rot-proof and UV-stabilized. 12mm eyelets are fitted at each corner. All seams and hems are heat-sealed, to provide a snug and secure fit over your pallet/goods.

Pallet covers are not a substitute for correctly securing your pallet with stretch wrap or strap. They can be used to assist with securing a load on a pallet but their prime function is to keep goods clean and dry whether pallets are being stored inside or out

Quarter Pallet = 83cm x 123cm x 60cm
Half Pallet = 83cm x 123cm x 100cm
Full Pallet = 83cm x 123cm x 220cm

100% Waterproof and Frost resistant. No stitches and mesh-like woven fabrics/tarpaulins and not even sewn. Exceptionally strong co-extruded cross-laminated film manufactured through an innovative process. The higher performance with a lighter gauge offers significant savings in material cost

UV resistance: Has the ability to absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as low-level heat, thus withstanding the pressure to crack or disintegrate under continuous exposure to sunlight.

Has good water barrier properties, and moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Staple/stitch-free joints make it 100% waterproof. Techpaulin is rot resistant.

Inert to most chemicals including acid, alkali, oil, stain, etc. Good barrier property allows usage in various applications requiring liquid and gas barrier properties.

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