Versatile Load Management with Soft Eye Diverter Strap

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Our Versatile Load Management system, designed to safeguard your valuable alloy wheels during transportation. Our Soft Eye Diverter Strap, with an overall length of 475mm, offers a reliable and adaptable solution to meet your load management needs.

Key Features:

  1. Soft Eye Diverter Strap: Our Soft Eye Diverter Strap is crafted for versatility and gentle yet secure attachment. The soft eye design ensures a safe connection point, minimizing the risk of damage to your alloy wheels during transit. This strap adds a layer of flexibility to your load management system, providing a reliable solution for various attachment scenarios.

  2. 475mm Overall Length: With a generous overall length of 475mm, this diverter strap offers adaptability to different wheel sizes and attachment points. The extended length allows for a secure and customizable fit, ensuring the effective restraint of your alloy wheels during transportation.

  3. Breaking Force Minimum of 4000daN (kg): Engineered for strength and durability, our Soft Eye Diverter Strap provides a minimum breaking force of 4000daN (kg). This ensures that the strap can withstand substantial forces, providing reliable and robust protection for your valuable alloy wheels.

  4. Lashing Capacity of 2000daN (kg): The strap offers a lashing capacity of 2000daN (kg), providing a secure and effective restraint for your alloy wheels. Whether you're transporting wheels professionally or as part of a DIY project, trust in the strength of this diverter strap to keep your investment securely in place.

  5. Trusted Product: Our Versatile Load Management system is designed and manufactured with precision and quality in mind. Trust in our trusted product to provide the durability and security necessary to protect your valuable alloy wheels during transportation.

Secure your alloy wheels with confidence using our Versatile Load Management system and Soft Eye Diverter Strap. Whether you're a professional transporter or an avid car enthusiast, this reliable and adaptable solution ensures the safe transit of your valuable cargo. Invest in the quality and protection that our Soft Eye Diverter Strap provides for your alloy wheels, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

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