Heavy Duty 10,000kg Ratchet Strap: 6m Length with Claw Hooks

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Our Heavy Duty 10,000kg Ratchet Strap – the pinnacle of strength and reliability for securing your heaviest loads with confidence. This robust strap, measuring an impressive 75mm wide and 6m in length, is engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, ensuring a secure and steadfast hold on your cargo during transportation.

Key Features:

  1. 75mm Width, 6m Length: This Heavy-Duty Ratchet Strap boasts a substantial width of 75mm, providing increased surface area for enhanced grip and stability. With a length of 6m, this strap offers versatility in securing large and heavy loads.

  2. Powerful Ratchet Tensioner: The strap features a powerful ratchet tensioner with a double lock handle, allowing for efficient and secure tensioning. The double lock handle adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring a steadfast hold on your cargo.

  3. Lashing Capacity of 5000 DaN/Kg: Engineered for heavy-duty hauling, this strap offers an impressive lashing capacity of 5000 DaN/Kg, making it suitable for securing even the most substantial loads with ease.

  4. Minimum Breaking Force of 10,000 DaN/Kg: With a minimum breaking force of 10,000 DaN/Kg when new, this Heavy-Duty Ratchet Strap is built to withstand extreme forces, providing unmatched strength and reliability for your cargo restraint needs.

  5. 50 DaN Standard Hand Force (SHF) and 350 DaN Standard Tension Force (STF): The strap's design incorporates a Standard Hand Force (SHF) of 50 DaN and a Standard Tension Force (STF) of 350 DaN, ensuring a user-friendly experience while maintaining a robust and secure hold on the load.

  6. 300mm Tail Strap with Low-Stretch Webbing: The strap includes a 300mm tail strap featuring low-stretch webbing, with less than 7% stretch at the Lashing Capacity (LC). This minimizes the risk of over-tensioning and ensures a reliable restraint without compromising the integrity of the webbing.

Secure your heaviest loads with confidence using our Heavy Duty 10,000kg Ratchet Strap. Whether you're transporting machinery, construction materials, or other substantial cargo, this strap provides the ultimate solution for heavy-duty applications. Invest in the strength, reliability, and safety that this Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap offers for your most demanding hauling requirements.

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